Random updates

A blog for the little app I made, called Random.

Random has a couple of goals it would like to meet before the next release. Those are, in order of importance:

  • Empty state for Roulette
  • Enter makes new row in Roulette
  • Update help links
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Translations

That's all. These may take a while, so if you want to help is appreciated.

You can learn more about Random at its website.

The new PR by @dimmednerd@mastodon.social has been merged, and now we need help with translations! Currently Random supports:

  • English US (default, no help needed)
  • English GB
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Hungarian

If you know any of these languages- please, help Random! You can submit changes to the Git repo, or email the file to Forever. Thanks for any help!

You can learn more about Random at its website.

Version 1.4 “Circle” will, in summary, completely change many aspects of Random.

Credit to @dimmednerd@mastodon.social for most of these changes. I owe you a debt of gratitude.

Buttons Moved Out

Upon the first starting of Random, you'll notice that the Number to Roulette function has moved.

New Random Number UI, with a Number to Roulette button

This is to aim for a better experience for all users of Random.

Drawing Animations

All three panels have drawing animations now; of fade-in and fade-out. See the below GIF.

fade-in and fade-out animations in Random

Then, probably the largest change:

New Roulette UI

The Roulette UI has been reinvented from better principles. This is the largest design change in the history of Random. When you first open Roulette, you see something along the lines of this:

new roulette UI

Let's dissect this.

Choices are now Rows

The choices are now AdwPreferenceRows, each with a text box and a delete button. The text box, well, controls what the item represented by the row actually is. The delete button should also be obvious.

The Add button

There is a new + button to add rows to Roulette, to have more options to pick from.

New Menu

There's a More menu right next to the + button. It has the following contents:

Delete Picked

This is a toggleable option, it replaces the function in the primary menu.

Paste from Clipboard

Miss the old way of adding to Roulette? You can still do that, for example: Layla/Rose/Cleveland/Lampy will make 4 rows with the titles in that list when you select the / separator. Yes, the separator function has been added back in.

What about exporting?

It should be easy to compile a list from looking at the options. Therefore, this feature has been removed.

Remove All

Just what it says; removes all rows to start fresh.

Summary of Roulette

In summary, a lot changed. There's new keyboard shortcuts too (they will be implemented). So, in general, it feels like this:

big large showcase of all those features, minus clipboard

Other Changes

There are:

  • Updated strings
  • New colors for buttons
  • New icons
  • activates-default for the entries

That's a lot for one release. It should come out soon, when the final touches have been made.

You can learn more about Random at its website.